Alicia and Damián are ghosts that occupy a big uninhabited house in Lake Riñihue, Chile. Unable to assimilate their condition of death, they roam around during an eternal day through the house’s halls and surroundings, little by little discovering the rules of this strange world and the reason of their presence.

Fiction | 2018 | 68 min. | Chile | Tres Tercios.


  • SANFIC – Best National Director, 2018
  • FECICH – Best Actor (Daniel Antivilo), 2019

Directed by: Simón Vargas
Executive Producers: Pablo Arias Daud, Allan Bortnic, Sebastián De Iruarrizaga
Screenplay: Simón Vargas
Production designer: Francisca Celume
Cinematography: Jeremy Hatcher
Sound: Rodrigo Méndez
Editing: Valeria Hernández
Original Music: Marcos De Iruarrizaga
Cast: Catalina González, Nicolás Zárate, Daniel Antivilo

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