The Heart of Data

Documentary that addresses the work of two Chilean research centers that, from statistics and the study of the heart, take precedence over phenomena and seek to predict cardiovascular diseases.

Project funded by ANID and Millennium Science Initiative

Executive Producers: Silvia Díaz, Magdalena Hurtado, Rafael Merino, Simón Vargas
Executive Director: Nicolás Fernández
Filmmaking: Jeremy Hatcher
General Production: Magdalena Hurtado, Ignacia Merino
Script and Research: Isabel Reyes
Editing: Sebastián Cifuentes
Direction of Photography: Cristián Medina
Sound design and Direct Sound: Andre Millán
Music: Edu Svart, Max Sagal (Ícaros DS)
Graphic Design: Jullian Pinto, Fabián Donoso
Animation: Helena Valenzuela, Miguel Paredes
Image Post-production: Jeremy Hatcher
Editorial Committee Núcleo Milenio Cardio MR: Marcelo Andía, Sergio Uribe
Editorial Committee Núcleo Milenio Midas: Alejandro Jara, Carlos Sing-Long
FEF Editorial Committee: Nicolás Fernández, Silvia Díaz
Executive Coordination: Carola Kappes, Camila Páez