Digital Generation - S01
7 episodes

Digital Generation is a 7-episode documentary web-series that reflects on the future of the world and the opportunities of digital society in this decade marked by a new world paradigm, through an agile rhythm, interviews with experts, infographics, educational animations, and diverse opinions of ordinary people.

An original production by Fundación VTR

Executive Director: Rosa Damiani Q.
Executive Producers: Allan Bortnic, Nicole Hargous
General Production: Ignacia Merino
Journalistic Investigation: Verónica Waissbluth, Gustavo Espinoza
Script: Angélica Fernández, Ángela Godoy
Editing: Valeria Hofmann, José Antonio Mañodes, Jeremy Hatcher, Juan Pablo Venegas.
Animation and graphics: Daniel Cárcamo, José Antonio Mañodes
Post Production and conformed: Juan Pablo Venegas
Sound Design and Sound Post Production: Tomás Arias
Original Music: Edu Svart, Max Sagal (Ícaros DS)
Voice over: Macarena Fernández