Mila and Leo, two brilliant girls, build Zander, a robot who comes to life full of doubts about what it means to be human. Each question will lead them on fantastic journeys to the most unusual and unexpected places.

Animation | 2021 | 12×7’ | Chile, Colombia | Tres Tercios, Señal Colombia 

Awards and nominations:

  • Finalist for Best Ibero-American Series – Quirino Awards, 2022
  • Best Audiovisual Production in Animation – India Catalina Awards, 2021
  • Best Children’s Program and Best Educational Content – TAL Awards, 2022
  • Official Selection at Ojo de Pescado Festival, 2023
  • Official Selection at Chilemonos Festival, 2022
  • Official Selection at Anima Córdoba, 2022
  • Official Selection at INPUT TV 2022.

Directed by: Kike Ortega
Produced by: Pablo Arias Daud, Allan Bortnic, Magdalena Hurtado
Script and original idea: Malu Furche, Stefania Malacchini
Art direction: Hugo Covarrubias
Cinematography: Luz Andrea Sierra
Animation Director: Matías Delgado
Cast: Camila Paris, Lucía Suárez, Javiera Astudillo, Pablo Arias

Project funded by CORFO and CNTV Development Fund.

Full season (available only in Chile)