Zander is a stop-motion TV series about the incredible adventures of Mila (9), Leo (8) and Zander, a curious robot created by these two friends in their secret clubhouse. Each episode is triggered by a question made by one of the friends about what being human is all about, embarking them on fantastic journeys that will take them to the strangest and unexpected places as they try to reach the center of the triggering question.

Where to watch it (Chile): NTV Channel, Mon-Fri and Sunday 20.30 hrs & CNTV Play

Director: Kike Ortega
Writer and Creators: Stefania Malacchini & María Luisa Furche
Producers: Allan Bortnic, Pablo Arias Daud & Magdalena Hurtado
Art Direction: Hugo Covarrubias
Animation Direction: Matías Delgado
Direction of Photography: Luz Sierra
Voices: Camila Paris, Javiera Astudillo, Lucía Suárez, Pablo Arias

Founded by CNTV
A Tres Tercios Production / Coproduced with Señal Colombia.
With the support of CORFO, TVN & Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho