Tres Tercios is a film production company from Chile that in 2011 began its mission to create original content for diverse platforms of the film industry. Their work is packed with creative innovations, always searching for the best ways to narrate stories and generate a unique cinematographic experience to the audience. This is why they develop authorial projects were the creator can explore until finding his own voice.

Our Team


Founding partner of Tres Tercios, where he has worked as a director, photographer, editor and colorist. He has made several short films such as 'Apnea', 'Brother', 'The sea moves in a spiral', 'The fall into the abyss'. He was the director of photography of the feature film 'About the Dead'. He edited and made the color correction of 'Terra Incognita'.

Part time filmmaker, part time snowboarder. 


Executive and General Producer at Tres Tercios dedicated mainly to non-fiction projects and children's content. Some of her works are documentary feature film "Pangea Songs to Drift" and the children's series "I can do it" (seasons 1 and 2), "My grandpa and I", “Zander” (currently in production) and “Sissi & Caesar” (currently in development). General Producer in the series "Pichintún" (season 3) and the documentary miniseries "Los Jaivas, all together" and post-production coordinator of the series "Mary & Mike", "Zander", "Reporter in Times of Crisis" and the feature film "Elephant the Horse". 

She likes to walk by the city and collect boring jokes.


Filmmaker and founding partner of Tres Tercios, where he has worked as director, producer, editor and director of photography. He has made a series projects in different formats, including the feature film “About the Dead”, with which he won the Best Chilean Film Director award at SANFIC14 (2018), the medium-length film “Camila Moreno: Las Ruinas del Oro” (In-Edit 2014) and the documentary television series “For Reason and Science 3". 

Consumidor compulsivo de cine de terror.


Founding partner of Tres Tercios, where he has worked as director, producer and screenwriter. He directed the second season of “For Reason and Science” and the series “Kulampu” and “Kulrapa”.

He is the producer of the stopmotion animated series “Zander”, where he also shows off his talents as an amateur voice actor.


Producer and filmmaker. She is currently an Executive Producer at Tres Tercios. She is working on the documentary "In the shade of light", her debut feature as director. She is the producer of the web series “Digital Generation”. For 4 years she worked as an executive production assistant at Invercine & Wood, where she participated in television series such as “Patagonian Winds”, “Dignity”, “Mary & Mike”, “Immigrant Children”, “Pichintún” and “I can do it".

Lover of wool sweaters.


Founding partner of Tres Tercios, executive producer, general producer and field producer. Highlighting documentary series “Kulmapu”, “Kulrapa”, “For Reason and Science”, the stop-motion series “Zander” and “Sissi & Caesar” and the feature-length documentary “Gaucho Americano” in USA. Director of the documentary "Nazca", in production stage.

"Adopt, don’t shop".

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