A small town in southern Chile erupts in rumors after a fetus is found floating in the lake. When the news reaches Paty, a single mother and lingerie saleswoman, her values are put to the test as she suspects one of her clients of having had an abortion.

Fiction | 2023 | 18 min. | Chile, Estados Unidos | Hiedra Films, Tres Tercios.


  • World Premiere at Palm Springs Shortfest 2023
  • Shortlisted at BAFTA Yugo Student Awards.

Directed and written by: Natalia Luque
Produced by: Cecilia Otero, Donovan Tolledo, Magdalena Hurtado, Ignacia Merino
Cinematography: Matías Illanes
Art Direction: Francisca Celume
Editing: Sylvana Squicciarini
Original Music: Carlos Aznárez
Cast: Paula Zúñiga, Valentina Uribe, Amalia Kassai, Gabriela Aguilera, Nora Catalano.

Financed by the Audiovisual Short Film Production Fund, Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Chile