During an endless heatwave, Tiare (28) discovers that the bar she frequents feeds on human blood.

Fiction | Coming Soon | 18 min. | Chile | Tres Tercios, Brisa Films.
Directed by: Simón Vargas
Produced by: Ignacia Merino, Magdalena Hurtado, Joaquín Echeverría
Written by: Malu Furche R.
Cinematography: Jeremy Hatcher
Production Designer: Francisca Celume
Sound: Tomás Arias
Editing: Valeria Hernández
Original Music: Francisco Martínez
Cast: Gabriela Castro, Patricia Rivadeneira, Rafael de la Reguera, Juan Pablo Correa, Florencia Crino, Diego Muñoz.

Financed by the Audiovisual Short Film Production Fund, Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Chile